like the word redacted but my name is dev.


La sphinx squatte by Leonor Fini, 1972. Mixed media on paper on canvas 29 ¼ x 22 inches.


Paranoic Regression by Toni del Renzio, 1941. Gauche on paper, 36 x 28 cm.

Jeffrey Sherwin writes in From France to England: British Surrealism Opened Up:

Toni told me that he got the idea of repeated images for the painting from a ‘Butler’ Kensitas cigarette packet where the butler is handing out a similar packet of cigarettes, thus the same image is repeated ad infinitum.1

Dr. Sherwin’s publicist send me a copy of his new book. It’s very interesting. It contains several color photos, and an autobiographical approach to telling the story of Surrealism from the viewpoint of a collector.

  1. Jeffrey Sherwin, From France to England: British Surrealism Opened Up (Bradford: Northern Artists Gallery Ltd., 2014), 47. 

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